There are many types of rollators on the market, all providing different levels of durability, quality and specifications, and choosing the right rollator or Walker sometimes referred to as a wheeled walker can be something that requires some serious thought.

Some people refer to these as walkers however there is a slight difference between and walker and a wheeled walker. A walker product usually only has wheels on the front and rubber stud feet on the back, requiring the user to physically lift the walker and move it forward. This does provide some stability for users who may be a little less steady on their feet.

Rollators also referred to as wheeled walkers provide a 3 or 4-wheel system. All of our MobilityAhead rollators have two fixed wheels at the rear and two 360-degree pivot wheels at the front and boast easy manoeuvrability for the user. Our rollators all come with a sharp and comfortable breaking system allowing the user to simply glide into a smooth stop when travelling around.

The overall performance and ride of wheeled walkers rely a lot on the wheel size and generally the larger the wheels, the easier it is for the rollator to glide over obstacles. It is important to bare in mind that not all rollators are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use so you need to choose a rollator that suits your needs. If you are an indoor walker user, you should think about things such as manoeuvring around hallways and into your rooms in your home. If you are an outdoor wheeled walker user you should consider if the wheels are large enough to tackle tough terrains. If you are looking for a rollator for both indoor and outdoor use you can click this link below to check out our MobilityAhead Compact Quickfold Rollator.

We do think there is one last point for you to think about before you go ahead and purchase your rollator and that is, do you require a seat? If you are someone who likes to travel around a lot then having a seat built into your wheeled walker can be a huge benefit so you always have the option to sit and take a short break if you need to.