There are many types of affordable manual wheelchairs, such as self-propelled wheelchairs which are a great option for those looking to stay active as they are operated by the user via the large rear wheels that allow you to propel yourself forwards or backwards without the help of an attendant. You may consider a self-propelled wheelchair if you have good upper body strength or if you are looking to increase your upper body strength as self-propelled wheelchairs require a physical push. A self-propelled wheelchair with suspension or with treaded all-terrain tyres will be more suitable for everyday use outdoors.

Transit chairs, also known as transport chairs have smaller wheels and lighter frames and are best for those who always require an attendant. If you like to travel, a good folding wheelchair is essential and is ideal if you are looking for an easily portable wheelchair. Transport wheelchairs are usually a great option for transporting users over a shorter distance. A transit or travel wheelchair will be more suitable for you if you do not have sufficient strength and movement in your arms and shoulders to use a self-propelled wheelchair.

Here at MobilityAhead, we also have great options for affordable electric wheelchairs, also known as power chairs. Electronic power chairs are easily folded down, are lightweight and are a great option for someone who is looking for an easily transported and easily stored electric wheelchair. All of our motorised wheelchairs come with a great range of battery usually providing 15-30 miles of range per battery. Our power chairs are easily manoeuvred with an effortless touch joystick. If you are looking for a mobility product that provides independence, then an electric wheelchair might be a great option for you. Our wheelchairs are also easily folded down in one effortless action.

If you are a larger and heavier user, then bariatric wheelchairs are available which provide wider seating and hold a heavier weight. Wide-seat wheelchairs are also available in a self-propelled or transit chair (otherwise known as a transport chair).

All of our wheelchairs have push handles for when extra help is needed, for example with getting over kerbs and high thresholds. Ergonomic handles at the back help the attendant or carer to propel the wheelchair with hardly any effort. Cable brakes are often included for extra control.